Free Online Workshop Challenge All On Lines, Marble, and Ombre

Free Online Workshop Challenge All On Lines, Marble, and Ombre

Some of you may recall that, several weeks ago, we asked what your biggest nail art struggles were. And, you answered. So, what are they?
Well, we are holding a completely FREE online nail art workshop challenge, focusing on 3 of the most fundamental, yet challenging nail art techniques!

The workshop challenge is ALL on…

… and OMBRE

And, we’re calling it “Lines, Marble, and Ombre – OH MY!“- An Online Nail Art Workshop and Challenge by Neiru.

BUT hold on, there’s a catch…

Since we only have a limited number of seats available, once we hit 1500 GLOBAL signups, signup capability will be closed, and we will be starting. That being said, we would like to sincerely apologized in advance, just in case the limit is reached before you are able to sign up.

For those of you who remember, the last time we did a workshop like this was 2 years ago…

Please be advised, seats usually fill up quickly, and in a matter of a few days.

So, we urge you to hurry to sign up, and claim your seat.

GO HERE to learn more & sign up for our Nail Art Workshop (Only 1500 seats globally available)

Don’t forget the moment, when we hit the sign up limit of 1500, globally, we will be starting. 

So, if you want this workshop to start faster, please let others know to join by going to