The 5 Secrets On How To Charge And Make a Profit From Your Nail Art

The 5 Secrets On How To Charge And Make a Profit From Your Nail Art

You’ve Learned Amazing Nail Art Techniques: Now What?

Learning new nail art designs and tricks is one of the funnest parts about being a nail technician. We all know how exciting it is to watch a new lesson and learn how to make a new masterpiece. But what are you doing with all of this new-found knowledge? Are you struggling with getting your clients to try it out on their own nails?

The challenge of getting paid

It can be a challenge to get your clients to pay for nail art and to adopt new styles. As nail techs we get frustrated by the conservative scared-to-try attitudes of our beloved clientele. So how do you get a client to try out some new nail art and pay you for it?

5 Secrets To Charging For Your Nail Art

Here are 5 easy must-do’s to help you be successful at convincing your clients to try a new design and put more money in your pocket:

1) Wear the nail art you want to sell.

Having a nail art display with tips is great, but clients have a hard time visualizing what it will look like on their hands. They are also more likely to notice and become comfortable with a nail art choice if they are looking at it for the full hour you are working on them.

When you wear the nail art you want to promote, you’ll find that clients will notice it and ask for it without you even having to say a word.

TIP: Make sure the nail art is fresh looking and your cuticles are moisturized regularly. Nail techs’ hands can get banged up so keep your advertisement looking pristine by updating it once every 2 weeks and taking care of your skin.*

2) Keep your pricing clear.

Most clients have no idea about how much nail art costs, and most assume it is way to expensive to add to their services. Ensure your pricing is clear by adding prices to each nail art design you promote.

A great way to create a design menu is to do a set of 5 nails on tips and adhere them to a frame. You can add label tape next to each design to name it and add pricing. This works well for both online menus as well as in your work area. Clients will feel more comfortable choosing a design if they can see it, touch it, and understand the cost.

TIP: Display at least 1 nail art promotion for month that features a 5 finger nail design at a discounted price to ease clients that are new to nail art into trying it on.*

Not sure how to creatively display your nail art frame?

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How To Create Your Own Nail Art Display

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3) Set time expectations.

A lot of nail techs get the the promo and pricing piece of selling nail art down pat, but they fail to remind clients that nail art takes extra time. There’s nothing worse than a client starting out excited about nail art only to then start complaining or getting flustered about how long they’ve been in your chair.

Most clients have no idea how much work it takes to pull off some of the amazing designs we do on, nor do they understand the process, so make sure you not only communicate the price of the design. It’s also important to remind clients that nail art will add a bit of time to their normal appointment.

TIP: Try adding time allotments to your menu so clients see it when booking/researching online. Also remind them at the time of booking as to how long their total appointment will take.

4) Practice. Practice. Practice.

Set yourself up for success by making sure you practice your offered designs. It is usually easier to perform and remember the steps of a design when nobody’s watching, but try sitting in front of a fidgety clients and doing the same thing. It won’t be as easy to pull off. So practice each design at least 3 or 5 times so you can practically do it blindfolded. It will make your clients feel much more confident about the process and you will too.

5) Do NOT do nail art for free!

Some nail techs really struggle with charging clients for nail art.

Usually this problem arises from the lack of communication before the nail art is started. Pretty soon the appointment is completed and the nail tech feels ashamed to bring up the added cost of the nail art they just performed.

I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s important to think of your nail art skills as a valuable service that sets you apart. Remember that your investment in your continuing education is just that: an investment. Not only has this investment required money but think about all the hours you spend learning and growing!

When you give away your nail art skills for free you are devaluing them in a sense and subliminally telling clients that your nail art offerings and the time you invest in training are “no big deal” or “not valuable.” You don’t have to charge an arm-and-a-leg for your designs but make sure you put some thought into the value you place on each design offering.

Clients come to you because you are a professional that possesses skills that can’t be found elsewhere. Like the old saying “why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free.” Give away your nail art and clients won’t value you you as highly.

Start Now!

Try implementing these step-by-step lessons and see how your clients respond. The more you make choices simple and seamless for your clients the more likely they are to say yes.

I can’t wait to hear how this process works for you. You deserve to be successful and to have the business you’ve always dreamed of.

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How To Create Your Own Nail Art Display

Get your FREE Step-by-Step Ebook Guide learn how to create your own nail art display and attract even more nail clients!

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