[Tutorial] Well-Balanced Terracotta Nail Art Design by Tati

[Tutorial] Well-Balanced Terracotta Nail Art Design by Tati

This is the Terracotta design by Neiru Sensei Instructor ‘tati’. So many nail artists, like you, have inquired about how to create this design. Though the steps are simple, there is a balance to this art. So, here’s how you create this design.

1.  Using Gris, paint 3 wisps in 3 different areas on the nail. These wisps will be used to create accents for the design.

2.  Next, use the liner brush (Chou Chou or Printemps) to draw long lines so they extend from the thick wisps to create more sections on the nail.

3.  Continue drawing more lines in those sections until there is a balance to your design.  Lines can be parallel with the main line, or in some other decorative form such as a leaf, with fine lines drawn inside the section to appear as veins, or a feather, with V-shaped lines.

4.  That’s it!

One last thing that should be remembered is that this design changes by where it is started, and it can sometimes be difficult to create or maintain a well-balanced design. So, it is very important to determine the “main” focal point and then spread the design from the inside out. Now, please give it a try.

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