Winner of the ‘Fine Lines’ Challenge.  Meet Elizabeth!

Winner of the ‘Fine Lines’ Challenge. Meet Elizabeth!

Earlier this month, we held a free online nail art workshop focusing on creating nail art with fine lines, a technique and skill so many nail techs and professionals struggle with. We’ve gone through almost a 1000 submissions and have finally chosen a winner: Congratulations Elizabeth (Instagram @Lizbtch)!

We got a chance to chat with Elizabeth and get an insight to her as a creative person and a professional (You’re in for a surprise!).

Elizabeth submitted her work just like every other person who submitted their work for the Fine Lines Nail Art challenge. Believe me, I HATE being a judge. Going through 100s upon 100s of submissions and having to pick 1 person’s work while so many of yours were amazing in its own way!

But, what I focused mainly on was cleanliness, creativity, and originality. I have to say though, after seeing all the photo submissions, making sure you have well lit and well taken photos can work to your advantage.

But asides from great photos, Elizabeth has a great sense of color, technique, and a whole lot of patience to create some of the most intricate designs submitted for this challenge… and here’s the truly amazing thing – she’s never gone to nail school and nor is she a professional.

Read below for a quick Q+A session we did with Liz!

Neiru Fine Lines Challenge Winner Submission Liz

Hi Elizabeth! Tell us a little bit about YOU: your personal life, who are you, where are you from, and what do you do professionally?

Hi! I’m Elizabeth from Toronto, Canada and I work as a provincial offenses officer – nothing to do with nails or art!

Wow, so nails isn’t even your profession… what other hidden talents and passions do you have?

That’s right! Well, one of my other passions is healthy cooking and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (my family is not complaining!) I love trying new recipes and coming up with my own. I also love to sketch in pencil, mostly portraits… It’s been years since I’ve put pencil to paper, and I really miss it.

Neiru Fine Lines Challenge Winner Submission 2

So you’re a closet nail artist (and healthy chef) but how did you come upon creating nail art?

I started doing nail art with regular polish a few years ago. I was inspired by all the fashion week nails and celebrity nail artists, as well as by the work by bloggers and YouTubers. It just really “clicked” with me! I just discovered gel earlier this year, and I absolutely love it – there are so many more design possibilities and it more closely resembles painting on canvas.

You love nails and it’s ‘clicked’ with you, do you see yourself working with nails more in the future??

Yes! I want to continue learning new techniques and perfecting my skill. I love having the most fabulous nails at work I also enjoy pushing nail art on my friends and my sister – life is too short for boring nails!


Neiru Fine Lines Challenge winner 4

Being a part of the Fine Lines workshop, share a little bit about what you learned.

The Fine Lines Challenge forced me to attempt designs that I would have written off as too difficult or too advanced. It was really rewarding to try and succeed! It gave me a lot of confidence, as well as the skill to do more intricate art. I also realized how much I miss sketching and painting.

It’s not too often we have non-professionals (hobbyists) join Neiru, but you recently did, how are you finding it so far as a hobbyist?

Yes! I became a member recently. I’ve already watched most of the lessons and tried a few! I’m very impressed with the quality of the videos and I find them easy to follow, even as a non professional. I love that you’re happy to take requests and cater to your community of students. The monthly challenges are something I’m looking forward to, I love having goals to keep me motivated!

Thank you Liz! Any final words you want to share with our followers and readers?

Yes – a huge thank you to Jasmine and Jessey for organizing the challenge! I also want to say thank you to all the people who left really sweet and kind compliments on Instagram, it really made my day and I appreciated it so much!


Make sure you follow Liz on instagram @lizbtch!

A big thank you to our prize sponsor Akzentz as we’ll be sending this out to you! (Luxio Gel Polish and Matte-On Coat by Akzentz)